Hello Everyone,
I’m going to keep posting these “what I wore today” and “outfit of the day/night”. I think they’re useful if you are looking for a little inspiration.
I have the gorgeous little leopard print peplum dress.
It has a square shaped neck and short sleeves. It sits just below the knee.
I’m wearing black shoe boot heels.

This is such a useful dress; if you team it with tights and a cardigan, you could easily wear this in the day, shopping, to lunch, to the office.
Night time; I have warn it with heels, bare leg, red lips and lashes.

I think the reason this works so well is because I haven’t warn fake tan.
At the risk of being rude, I think leopard print has to be warn with caution, as you may look a little like Cat (Jessie Wallace?) from Eastenders.

At the minute, I have kept fake tan use to a happy minimum and have been getting a lot of compliments! Optimum fake tan – must do a post on this!!

Take Care Lovies!


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