Product Review: Chanel Body Cream | Dior Shimmer | Estée Lauder Eye Palette|

Chanel Body Lotion was out of stock across the High Street, on Christmas Eve, as you’d expect. The Assistant offered me the Body Cream, which I purchased, out of exasperation.

I can safely say, I am a convert. I have never been so impressed with a product that I did not intentionally go to buy.
The velvety texture makes your skin feel so beautifully soft. It is so smooth to the touch and is silky not greasy.
The fragrance is delicate but by no means unnoticeable, for daywear it is perfect, unimposing. I get wafts of Chanel throughout the day!

The fabulous packaging means it does not topple, meaning less spillages. It looks so chic on my vanity table.

Love this product. 🙂

DiorShimmer – I use this on my cheekbones, on my bod when I go out, on my legs in the summer; this is an all round goody.
It lasts forever as you only need a small amount to cover a large area because the sparkly pigments are just that amazing.
It smells lush.
It has great lasting power.
This is one I will repurchase over and over.

Lauder Eye Palletes
Little bit of a boring one really- just a staple product for me brown & cream coloured eyeshades to do everyday eyes.
The staying power of Lauder Products is second to none.
They blend well and are very strong so last forever as you use less than you would, perhaps, with a cheaper brand.

Let Me Know Your Experiences with These Products.




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