Cheltenham Races

I love going to Cheltenham Races.
It’s an exhilarating day out for so many reasons.
Firstly, the betting, you’re choosing horses you think will win based on odds (if you’re sensible like my partner) or base your choices on the names of the horses, like, ahem, me. So here you have the excitement of wanting your horse to win.
The second wonderful thing is that you are surrounded by hundreds of other people doing the same: here’s the fun part they get awfully excited and there’s alcohol involved.
They’re all dressed up in their fabulous tweed and flat caps and Dubarrys. It is just wonderful.
Throw in to the mix people are selling these divine goods, from hats of fur to jackets and all the clothing that is typically seen at these events.
I can never understand why anyone would want a box… Yes, it may seem very posh to have a box. However, you miss out on all of the atmosphere and camaraderie of being in amongst all of the other people enjoying the day.
If you have never been , go! It really is the most marvellous experience.
I cannot wait for Ascott ladies day on my birthday!


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