Review: Top 4 Perfumes

Top 4 Perfumes

20130205-000941.jpgLet me start by reassuring you that it may seem odd to say “Top 4” but believe me, I have whittled the choices down and four is indeed the magic number.

My snout is very sensitive and unfortunately for me, if a perfume is of a particular style (usually of the very pungent variety) I get migraines.

So after plenty of research, I can confirm, to present date, these are my top 4 scents.

1. Gucci – Gucci
This was launched in 2007 and I fell in love with it then. It opens with floral notes, has a patchouli base; the top note is pear. The honey adds a warmth to this fragrance.
I would describe this as a very sensual, feminine scent, I do think when you smell this, it immediately conjures class and elegance, or at least those are the words I think of.
Winner for day time and night time.
Oh and the packaging is beautiful, the chocolatey brown bottle, gold Gucci emblem it’s is sleek and stylish.
Lasting Power: 9/10

2. Lady Million – Paco Rabanne
The bottle is shaped like a diamond (winner already). It is gold, I’d probably even said its a little gaudy. Nonetheless it is a fabulous aroma.
I do think this should only be warn in the evening/at night because in the day it just comes across as, I think, you’re trying to hard and it’s a little overpowering.
It is again a very feminine scent but a very strong one, it connotes a boldness, empowerment, sexiness, excessiveness. It is distinctive (as is its male equivalent).
Lady Million was launched in 2010.
Lasting Power: 10/10

3. Pink Apple (Fresh Blossom) -DKNY
This is such a Girly, fresh, light, springlike, zesty perfume. It reminds me o having fun, it makes me smile.
It has fruity undertones.
I have no idea when this was released I am afraid.
Lasting Power: 6/10

4. Diamonds – NEXT
Ok, so again we are on to a winner as this perfume is called Diamonds.
The bottle is shaped like a diamond and the perfume itself gives it the lilac colour.
It is a light feminine perfume – very Girly, fresh, fruity, it has a power hit to begin with but is quickly forgotten. It’s great if you don’t want something too overpowering for daywear. It’s not heavy or cloying its just very sweet.
It is a bargain at around the £10 mark.
Lasting Power: 6/10

What’re your top four scents? Is it as hard for me as it is you to try and pick four?
Leave me a comment 🙂


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