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Get Well Soon; Flowers & Chocolates

Day ONE after the Op.
I have the most thoughtful partner. The most fabulously boxed flowers and chocolates arrived. And not just any flowers and chocolates…. My Favourite.

Hello all,
I am blogging from my phone. I am feeling fragile, I can’t sit properly or stand/walk, basically: I can lie down on my back – this is very uncomfortable. I just want to roll on to my side and catch some ZZZZZZ’s. 😦
I’m lucky that I have my Brother taking care of me.
I think “lucky” is a word that resounds across the board for me so far or “fortunate”.
It’ll be 6-8 weeks before I go back for a check up and to find out the results of the tests they’re running.
I have learned not to think about the ‘what ifs’ at least until the time comes, because you can worry yourself silly.

Ah, I just sneezed, whilst writing this, and it was the most horrific pain ever!

Take Care My Golden Drops of Cyber Lovelies.

Favourite Album of ALL time

– how does one choose their favourite Album.
I guess my rationale is quite simple, in that the songs from this Album resonate so well with me as a person and my life experiences;
Alongside the fact that my Mum used to listen to this & even to this day my brother and I can recite the words to:

Carry on up the Charts – Beautiful South
Lifted – Lighthouse Family
Numerous Squeeze songs
Stars – Simply Red

Because they’re the songs we were bought up on and had sung along to for years!
Maybe it is these songs that have shaped us as people and actually our life experiences would have been different had our Dad exposed us to Jonny Rotten, The Stones and Trex earlier?
I don’t know but my favourite album of all time is Carry on up the Charts – The Beautiful South.