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• Vo5 revive me daily shampoo – amazing. It was rated the best shampoo on super skrimpers in terms of value for money and I would a 100% agree with that 🙂

•Boots No7 facial wipes
– I used to use these when they were cheaper to buy when the boots vouchers were out. I purchased them today with my voucher costing me £2 which is cool. I’m not sure if they have changed the formula. Going to give them a try and see how it goes.

•Umberto Gianini detoxifying Shampoo
– excited to try this and see how good it is. My hair gets really bad build up.

• Lancôme genifique.
I have used this before and this is a repurchase. It lasts forever as it leaves my skin feeling amazing. Not sure if I look any younger only being 23 but hey Ho! Prevention is better than cure.

• urban decay pocket rocket lipgloss – bought this online from eBay (so not technically boots haul) I love the fact there is a man clothed and then unclothed on the “lid” when you move it. I can’t think of the word to use when it’s like that I want to say hologram but that’s wrong hahah.
It feels very smooth on my lips and lasts for ages despite me keep licking them!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this and sorry I haven’t posted anything in an age!


No Ticky No Laundry

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in an age, I have been so busy with life that you forget to update your dearly beloveds online!

Perhaps you might enjoy some pictures of:
• the little things I’ve seen
• outfits of the day (that you’ve missed each day ;( sorry!
• places Ive been
• things I’ve bought
• vintage
• and so on and so forth








This is amazing – I love this idea Mi Casa is your casa…check it out! x

Mi casa is your casa


The weather here was beautiful yesterday! It was just like a spring day. I even had to open my car windows! Today they say it won’t be so pretty!

Several months ago Eddie and I went to an estate sale. I found this awesome vintage tray that I kept picking up and putting down. I couldn’t decide if I should buy it or not. It was only $2.00 so I bought it. I put it in my “project pile” until I figured out what to do with it. I thought about putting holes in it and adding flowers to use as a kind of wreath on my front door. I would feel bad if I put holes int it. So I decided instead to add some prettiness to my work desk.


I don’t know about any of you but I sometimes have a hard time getting my work…

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Montgomery loving the snow

Montgomery loving the snow

I’m not sure why he did but he was spronking around in it like a little lamb – you could not see him because he mainly white!

Do you have any pictures of your pets in the snow?

Big Love Emily x