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Fabulously Chic 1920s Style, Vintage Dress ; for sale.

eBay Item No: 121064585020

The most fabulous chic, black, 1920s Style, Vintage Dress; Ideal if you have a curvaceous pin up figure.

The dress itself is 100% Polyester (and states it is dry clean only) The lining is 100% acetate.

 (circa 1970s potentially, though I am not good at placing garments without labels).

 It has a beautiful belt which is worn by buttoning it around the waiste, I however knotted it and then buttoned because, unfortunately, I am a 10 and this dress is 14/16 at an estimate.


The dress has this wonderfully intricate beaded, flower detail across the left shoulder, which sparkles as the light catches it.

Fabric from the left shoulder trickles down under the right side of the breast, giving this overlapping, wrap style plunging bodice. There is a popper there to prevent any naughty eyes seeing any curves. The shoulders arent padded, but I’m sure you could add some, if you wanted to make a real statement.


The bottom of the dress is also in the style of wrap, which gives the appearance of movement and texture to the dress. The sleeves are very delicate and cut off just above the wrist.

 The back of the dress is very simple there is no detailing, but the slight rouches in the fabric, from where the dress nips in at the wasite. 

It can be warn with or without a belt.



Classic piece, drapes charmingly, needs someone who can wear it to its full potential, size 14 maybe.

How do you like this dress? Do you have something similar? Would you like to buy it?

Leave me a comment..

Fashion Shoot; MUA

Recently, I worked with the talented Designer, Stylist, Seamstress and all round Fashion Guru: Jessica Irwin.

Popular for her instaposts, Jessica puts together outfits from her vast wardrobe; the most interesting fact about Jessica is that half of the items, she has made, restyled, designed, or in someway modified to produce her own take on it.

She is based in the County of Worcestershire; works all over the UK, but mainly in the Midlands.

The Photographer was Midlands based Robert Payton and I was Hair & Make Up Artist.

follow Jessica here


The picture above is one of the results.

What did you do today?

Have a great day guys! 🙂

Fashion Addict; Gold

Gold defies age and time, it transcends throughout collections, from season to season.
Wether you jump straight in or just want to dabble your feet; anyone can find a shade of gold that is flattering for them.

Day Time
You can add Gold to your daytime wardrobe by wearing a chunky necklace or bracelet. If you like to make a statement; team an unfitted Gold shirt or a Gold blazer with black fitted trousers and pointed kitten heels.

For Me; All that Glitters is Gold.
Here are a few of my favourite
Night Time party pieces;


Get Well Soon; Flowers & Chocolates

Day ONE after the Op.
I have the most thoughtful partner. The most fabulously boxed flowers and chocolates arrived. And not just any flowers and chocolates…. My Favourite.

Hello all,
I am blogging from my phone. I am feeling fragile, I can’t sit properly or stand/walk, basically: I can lie down on my back – this is very uncomfortable. I just want to roll on to my side and catch some ZZZZZZ’s. 😦
I’m lucky that I have my Brother taking care of me.
I think “lucky” is a word that resounds across the board for me so far or “fortunate”.
It’ll be 6-8 weeks before I go back for a check up and to find out the results of the tests they’re running.
I have learned not to think about the ‘what ifs’ at least until the time comes, because you can worry yourself silly.

Ah, I just sneezed, whilst writing this, and it was the most horrific pain ever!

Take Care My Golden Drops of Cyber Lovelies.

London Love

It’s 1.30am – I can’t sleep – My tummy is still killing me from the op –  Please excuse any spelling errors or punctuation issues, Thank You Dolls.

Paris – New York – London

The Fashion Capitals.

London for me is a multicultural city of style. If you have ever seen the film or read the book The Devil Wears Prada you will be able to appreciate the importance of Fashion with regard to how it features in every single persons life; irrespective of their Race, Class, Gender or Nationality.

London like Paris & New York, holds a raw, diverse, collection of looks across its inhabitants. It encapsulates entirely every trend in the spectrum.
The BoHo, Arty, Vintage, Hipsters of Putney; to the Quirky, Designer, Eccentric Dressers of Chiswick; The Regal, Classic, Timeless Pieces sported by the Cities Professionals.

It is no wonder then, that University Students flock to London to enrol and pursue their careers is Fashion.

So Why Don’t People Take Careers in Fashion Seriously?

The Cities First Official Catwalk was in 1984; prior to this London struggled to define itself in the Fashion Dictionary. It now sits alongside Paris, Milan and New York comfortably; offering designers such as McQueen, Stella McCartney, Ceila Birtwell, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and so the list is endless…
Fashion is a multimillion pound industry in which the subcategories in which you can work but still contribute to the ‘Big Picture’ or End Product in Fashion are endless too!

FashionUnited.co.uk Highlight that The UK fashion and textiles sectors as a whole employ an estimated 600 thousand people, making the United Kingdom the third-largest fashion employer in the EU-27 surpassed only by Italy and Germany.

These facts are worth baring in mind, the next time you disregard the Fashion Industry as a Career or Discipline.

To summarise this article your cavalier reproach does not make you exempt from the World of Fashion.

And on that note her is, my Outfit of the Night.
Beautiful, Baby Pink, Long, Sequinned, Strapless, Floaty Dress, accompanied by my Gold Rectangle Clutch with the Black Jewel Clasp.

– The most fabulous Bathroom in the World.
– An (almost) Birdseye View of London.
– Champagne, well it would be rude not to.

Awesome Vintage Muted Silver Handbag: For Sale

Fabulous Grey Vintage Handbag with a Variable Length Strap; interesting fasten; beautiful gold coloured strip along the front edge.

Great Condition.
Plethora of Pockets.
Smoke & Pet Free Home.

Estimate Circa 1970/80s


He enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul’s estate.

There is nothing quite like getting away from life for an hour or so to go and relax in The Spa.

I know some people find going to the Gym allows them to let off steam.
I always go to the Gym in the morning, as it stimulates me for the day; whereas lounging around in the Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Sauna, followed by a cool shower invigorates me in a way that I feel alleviated of the days stresses.

As I submerge myself into the bubbling water, I enter a complete state of tranquility. This, for me, is unachievable when entering into any level of activity.

If you get the chance do go and have a Spa Day or even join a Health Spa.

The Benefits are endless


Outfit of the Night (WIWT)

After having some very spectacular days and nights out, I thought it might be nice to share a few of my little outfits with you all.

Potentially might not be blogging for a while, or blogging more, depending on how I feel after my op tomorrow.

Here is a beautiful little lace number.


Montgomery loving the snow

Montgomery loving the snow

I’m not sure why he did but he was spronking around in it like a little lamb – you could not see him because he mainly white!

Do you have any pictures of your pets in the snow?

Big Love Emily x