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London Love

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Paris – New York – London

The Fashion Capitals.

London for me is a multicultural city of style. If you have ever seen the film or read the book The Devil Wears Prada you will be able to appreciate the importance of Fashion with regard to how it features in every single persons life; irrespective of their Race, Class, Gender or Nationality.

London like Paris & New York, holds a raw, diverse, collection of looks across its inhabitants. It encapsulates entirely every trend in the spectrum.
The BoHo, Arty, Vintage, Hipsters of Putney; to the Quirky, Designer, Eccentric Dressers of Chiswick; The Regal, Classic, Timeless Pieces sported by the Cities Professionals.

It is no wonder then, that University Students flock to London to enrol and pursue their careers is Fashion.

So Why Don’t People Take Careers in Fashion Seriously?

The Cities First Official Catwalk was in 1984; prior to this London struggled to define itself in the Fashion Dictionary. It now sits alongside Paris, Milan and New York comfortably; offering designers such as McQueen, Stella McCartney, Ceila Birtwell, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and so the list is endless…
Fashion is a multimillion pound industry in which the subcategories in which you can work but still contribute to the ‘Big Picture’ or End Product in Fashion are endless too!

FashionUnited.co.uk Highlight that The UK fashion and textiles sectors as a whole employ an estimated 600 thousand people, making the United Kingdom the third-largest fashion employer in the EU-27 surpassed only by Italy and Germany.

These facts are worth baring in mind, the next time you disregard the Fashion Industry as a Career or Discipline.

To summarise this article your cavalier reproach does not make you exempt from the World of Fashion.

And on that note her is, my Outfit of the Night.
Beautiful, Baby Pink, Long, Sequinned, Strapless, Floaty Dress, accompanied by my Gold Rectangle Clutch with the Black Jewel Clasp.

– The most fabulous Bathroom in the World.
– An (almost) Birdseye View of London.
– Champagne, well it would be rude not to.